Featured Event: NOLI (San Francisco, CA)

Filipino Food + Literature

NOLI is a 7-course degustation featuring Filipino food paired with excerpts of the revolutionary novel by Dr. Jose Rizal: Noli Me Tangere.

Filipinos pride ourselves in our fondness for drinking and dining: Any reason to come together as a community, bond over food and drinks, we are there! Dr. Rizal depicts this in his novel, and injects metaphors and subversive notions in these scenes of gathering -- food as a medium to show people the current state of affairs, the cancers of society.

By no means is this a propaganda dinner. It's an homage to our bayani (heroes) and what they fought for.

What's on the menu?

Each dish celebrates a scene from the novel with local ingredients, and each week's menu reflects what's available and in season.

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After finishing the 50-state-50-week filipino pop-up dinner tour, Yana brought the SALO Series to Canada, Mexico, and Colombia. Next, she'll be bringing her pop-up series to New Zealand and Australia in June/July 2019.  

She's planning on taking the dinner series on a European Tour, African Tour, Middle Eastern Tour, Asian Tour, eventually to Antartica.