As if consumed by an invisible flame to (in her own words) "spread the Gospel of Filipino food", Chef Yana Gilbuena had ordained herself an evangelizer dedicated to spreading the love that springs forth from soulful Filipino cooking.

Hailing all the way from the city of Ilolilo, Yana's roots can be traced down to an island found at the center of the Philippine archipelago. Yet anyone who’s known her would not be surprised to find this adventurous spirit traveling throughout North America with the hopes of shedding light on what many would agree is a highly underrated gastronomic genre.

"Call me a culinary crusader; I just wanted Filipino food to be known.”

Chef Yana’s creation, the SALO* series, is not only a meaningful recognition of the finest points of Filipino food and culture, but deeper than this, it also highlights the best thing about Philippine dining, which is bringing people together on the table for a hearty good time.

Multifaceted, and simultaneously bursting with freshness and spice -- words that easily describe Filipino food, as well as this young chef that is bringing its flavors to the front line of edible culture. If dining well is indeed the key to a life well lived, then it would be wise to grab a seat at Chef Yana's table whenever she'd drop by a city near you.